Detonate explosives next to the wellbore at a sufficient depth below the sea floor to cause collapse of the wellbore without surface leakage. This would have the advantage of reduced drilling time compared to a relief well while offering an increased risk of worsening the leak. Both the use of high explosives such as a C4 or massive amounts of TNT or the use of a Nuclear Bomb has been suggested for this technique.

Using a Nuclear BombEdit

While the use of a Nuclear Bomb may be a harder sell to the public, it is a tried and true technique according in Russia.

Russian media sources report that this technique has been successful in 4 out of 5 attempts and recent news reports that President Obama has sent top nuclear physicist to tackle the oil spill problems provide indications that the US Government may be considering using this technique.

It is argued that the use of enough high explosive could yield an explosion with a yield equivalent to a Nuclear bomb.

It has also been pointed out that High explosives are often used in clearly of mountains which begs the question of why a potentially catastrophic nuclear bomb would be used in lieu of high explosives.

It is also argued that while the use of Nuclear explosives have been successful in Russia, they have never been used at such a depth and the possibility of the device creating a massive tidal wave if fired at such a depth is also brought into question.