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Top kill is an industry term used to describe an attempt to stop the flow of oil from the well by pumping heave mud into the well through the BOP. Once the mud has stopped the flow of oil, cement is pumped in to seal the well.

Modified TOP KILL: Position four locations at four different depth levels and apply top kill method simultaneously at each level. With four dams the result should be 100% blockage of the well. This will kill the well. I'm sure that BP won't like this. Don Jacobs

June 8, 2010 Add: The most important point is at the bottom of the well -- Call it "Bottom Kill".

Remember -- Just prior to the original blowout -- BP/et al -- had two dams in the well pipe.

A third dam was planned, but was not done (it appears they planned to save time and money by going ahead with just two dams).

Three dams probably would have worked -- But I believe it would be best to go with four dams at different levels.

Don Jacobs


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